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Needing little introduction for many of us, Brian Eno delivered the first keynote speech at the inaugural Campfire Convention in the Black Mountains in Herefordshire on the morning of August 13th 2016. He asks the question "What do communities exist for?" Should we accept limitations on our personal freedoms in favour of a greater richness, power and cohesion of the whole community? Eno was a founding member of Roxy Music, recorded many seminal solo albums and has gone on to become a celebrated producer, sound designer and visual artist.

Eno is an activist, who called for an international boycott of Israeli political and cultural institutions. He became a patron of VidereEstCredere (Latin for "to see is to believe"), a UK human rights charity. In 2015, he wrote an article for The Guardian in support of the left-wing candidate Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party leadership contest, and supported a public forum in London, titled "Basic income: How do we get there?", about the benefits and need for a basic income. Hosted by Basic Income UK, it also included economist and Campfire Convention contributor Frances Coppola and anthropologist David Graeber.

In his message to Campfire before the event, Eno offered this preview “With the ongoing collapse of any form of coherent government in this country we need to start looking at other ways of creating a society that works for all of us - not just the wealthiest. The rise of various brands of populist Simpletons makes it essential that we start sorting out our own visions of society so we have something more attractive - and more true - to offer.”

Stage manager Richard Page stars in this video, collecting Eno's notes as they blow away in the wind!

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