Campfire Convention 002.UK - Reimagining Politics : a slow burn or revolution?


Is the existing political party duopoly past its sell by date and is it time to sweep it aside and usher in a new way of doing politics, which also involves a new story, new ways of political thinking and new democratic processes? Is it a slow burn process to persuade people that it can be done differently or do we need a revolution? 

Brian Eno said “"I come to Campfire because I'm interested in new social ideas, how we can run the world, how we can think differently about things. I've met a lot people at Campfire who have specific and very exciting projects that really are to do with re-thinking democracy and understanding that democracy means ruled by the community, it doesn't mean what we have now.

A toxic ideology of extreme competition and individualism has come to dominate our world. It misrepresents human nature, destroying hope and common purpose. Only a positive vision can replace it, a new story that re-engages people in politics and lights a path to a better future.

George Monbiot's new book ‘Out of the Wreckage’ looks at how democracy and economic life can be radically organised from the bottom up. He argues that the "society-crushing system of neoliberalism has destroyed our natural capacity for altruism", and that we must fight against it to create "a politics of belonging that revives community and returns land to the people as a source of common wealth". We need meaningful participatory democracy, a political agenda "that isn’t destined to destroy the living planet", and power given back to people so that wealth isn't continually distributed to the rich.  

Indra Adnan, The Alternative UK
Dr Richard Barbrook, Labour party, Games For The Many
Kimm Fearnley, Campfire Bournemouth Beacon 
Ed Dowding,



Filmed by Luke Flegg / at The union Chapel, London N1 on Saturday November 4th, 2017

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