Campfire Convention - Trailblazer Politics


Shadow politics is about imagining our world, inventing ourselves as a utopian political party, in a very different mould. What do we want and how do we get it? I would normally suggest that we’d be doing this for fun, but things aren't normal and the situation has suddenly become a whole more serious and we need to do something positive now.

We are now facing a rare opportunity to work towards a system of truly democratic politics that brings back control to a more localised level, based on consensus not compromise.

We need more direct forms of democracy and we have the technology to support this. We will aim for a community-led constitutional convention that sets out its stall as a truly modern co-operative. It decides how we elect our representatives, how we ensure that they are accountable to us, and how we can truly involve members in a wide range of political debates. A way that people can start to govern themselves.

Campfire has a global vision – not just in terms of what remains of the UK, or even in relation to a reconstructed Europe. It stretches wider than that. We now need to take a global standpoint as our axis, a belief that though there may be local factors that provide variants, we are all essentially coming from the same place. There is no ‘other’ in our language, we are all in this life together and need to find ways of celebrating each other’s company, each others' unique qualities and the social and economic benefits that can flourish through diversity and collaboration. The magic that occurs when sparks ignite between people.

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