Greg Wilson at Campfire Convention : The strands are now connecting like mycelium networks


Community social networking for social change. "Now is a time of huge change because of what is happening politically. Many people are waking up from their slumber and beginning to think about things that maybe they haven't for a generation. That's a positive thing. The important thing is that Campfire enables a dialogue and enables people to go away and think maybe I could put an event on, maybe I could do something. It's ideas...  it enables people to meet together to discuss things but go away and enthuse others with ideas and start similar situations so these things start to build... a friend spoke of the idea of the mycelium network, where mushrooms grow, there's all these strands underground and eventually they connect and it hits a kind of mass and pushes the mushroom out at that point. I think we're in the position now that the strands are connecting and we're waiting for the mushrooms to get pushed out now... "

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