Andie Brazewell - Events Planning Weekend

As part of the Campfire Mentorship Circle I am happy to announce that I will be offering a weekend course based around events - discuss ag all… more

We launch our crowdfunding campaign 'Fire In The Belly' in May 2019. 

We're looking at increasing understanding the machinery of how human communities work...

Tales from around the Campfire, from Ralph Pettingill, Kimm Fearnley, Jeremy Pearce, David Abell, Rebecca Denniff, Manda Graham, Eugenie Arrowsmith, Izzy Mohammed, Jan Kimber, Louise Scrivens,… more

The Campfire Circle Singers : Sa Ta Na Ma (Iteration #1)

Finding our collective voice. Conceptualised by Tobias Hug, remixed by Pete Lawrence with co-creative assistance from Paul Leonard… more

A first attempt at a Campfire podcast Featuring Brian Eno, Indra Adnan, Bruce Bickerton, Kimm Fearnley, Lou Scrivens, Ped Asgarian and Richard Garnett at The Community Farm, Mia Manners and myself… more

A Campfire Firecast from #Extinction Rebellion in London on November 17th - a 22 minute film offering a Westminster Bridge view of #ExtinctionRebellion from 10.30 until mid afternoon.  It was a… more

We've been through the darkness and we're coming out shining...
Today's #ExtinctionRebellion funeral for extinct species in my home town of Frome - amazing turnout with hundreds in the town… more

Community social networking for social change. "Now is a time of huge change because of what is happening politically. Many people are waking up from their slumber and beginning to think about… more

Campfire Firestarter Pete Lawrence in conversation with The Alternative UK co-initiator Indra Adnan from October 2018. Indra talks about why she is grateful for what happened with Brexit and Trump… more

Kimm Fearnley is offering a one day workshop around yoga for Campfire's crowdfund.

How be Yoga - a day workshop on living an authentic life.

Location : Poole, Dorset

Date:… more